SUPPORT SMALL BIZ: Bergamot Beauty

This is a full-circle "Support Small Biz" post!  A few weeks ago, I entered Honey Kennedy's contest to win $150 in credit to Bergamot Beauty.  Honey Kennedy is a blog written by Jen McCabe out of Portland.  She features indie businesses and designers, shops from Portland and beyond, and always shares dreamy photos that put me in a good mood.  I hadn't heard of Bergamot Beauty before, but she described them as a "natural and organic beauty haven" so I entered.  AND I WON!

I'm a one-person business, and I'm grateful that my art pays my bills, but I don't always have enough money left over for luxuries like new skin care products.  I'm a devotee of natural serums and organic beauty products and I do my best to eliminate chemicals from all aspects of my life.  Plus, the products work!  They feed and enhance my hair and skin, rather than strip it, correct it and pummel it.  Natural beauty products are worth every penny, but let's just say I haven't had extra pennies for them lately.  I was SO EXCITED to win the contest.

I spent a couple days looking through every item on Bergamot's website and researching all the lines I hadn't heard about.  Bergamot's owner Salwa was in touch via email, ready to answer any questions I had.  My package arrived today!

Everything arrived safe & sound. This tape is so cute.

Everything arrived safe & sound. This tape is so cute.

Here's what I selected:

Salwa threw in several bonus samples for me to check out - so generous!

All of these brands and products are new to me.  It is such a treat to get to try these out and I'm so grateful to Jen at Honey Kennedy and Salwa at Bergamot Beauty for running this contest.  Thank you, ladies!  

If anyone reading this would like me to follow up with my thoughts on any of these products, let me know.