Support Small Biz: Imperfect Concepts & ICB Consults

In August of 2013 I attended a blogger conference hoping to spread the word about my brand.  I chose the conference because the ticket was ridiculously cheap, I liked the speakers, and it was in my beloved Austin, Texas.

At the conference I met Tasha Robinson, who was giving a talk for small business owners.  The room was too small for the crowd, but Tasha quickly captured everyone's attention with her sharp style and no-nonsense delivery.  She was concise, funny and relatable, all while giving really helpful information.  She really impressed me, and I remember thinking that she was destined to do great things.  I made a point to say hello and spend some time with her before the conference ended.

Over the past year and a half I've watched Tasha's business evolve and grow.  She walks the walk and it's paying off for her and for the businesses she helps.  Tasha has inspired me to write my own e-book, and her latest e-book, Passive Income: Make Money In Your Sleep, is helping me figure out how to do it.

Tasha shares tons of helpful information on her Imperfect Concepts blog but my favorite way to keep up with her is on her Instagram accounts (Imperfect Concepts & ICB Consults) where she shares solid advice and motivation for small businesses.  Follow her & be inspired!