Support Small Biz: GOPI SHAH

There were several indie ceramicists at last month's Renegade in Austin, but the one who really caught my eye was Gopi Shah.  Her creations felt fresh and original, and she was really personable and nice to talk to.  I enjoyed being her customer.

I purchased this All Seeing Eye ceramic tumbler from her:

I was in the market for a giant cup (for my morning matcha), and I bought this one despite it not being as big as I'd wanted.  If I still want a giant tumbler in the future, Gopi told me she does custom orders. If I'd had more money to spend that day, I would have also bought her match striker and incense holder.

Match Striker by Gopi Shah

Match Striker by Gopi Shah

Visit Gopi Shah's website, Etsy shop & Instagram.