STAY TREW: Paragon School for Girls

I love an original.

Paragon School for Girls is a web series created by Jim Hansen.  I find the visuals mesmerizing, from the very special effects, to the set design, to the wonderfully bad wigs. I really want one of these patches.  The actors are fantastic.

Sometimes when I've wandered too far into the mainstream -- say I've looked around on Instagram too much, especially at things that are popular -- I start to think that all the world is perfect and uniform and that I'm a crazy person, with crazy ideas, who likes crazy things.  Then I see something like this web series and I stop doubting myself.  I LOVE crazy things!  Who gives a care? Do whatever the #&@^ you want and STAY TREW to yourself.  Thank you Jim Hansen for being a beautiful reminder of that.

Watch the first episode below, then see the rest on the website.