MUSIC MONDAY: I'm A Classic Man

This is my singalong summer jam.

There's some amazing makeup and clothing throughout the video, especially in the group scene at the end.  Hats off to whomever styled and art directed this video.

There are some great quotes from Jidenna on his personal style in this post on FashionBomb.  My favorite:

"I’m more concerned with the fit than fitting in."

Jidenna is part of Janelle Monáe's Wondaland, which is, at the surface, her record label imprint via Epic Records.  Digging deeper it looks like a movement, a salon, a collective. I love the fun they're having, the creativity, how they value uniqueness, inclusiveness and joy. And the personal style is off the charts.

I'm fascinated by the evolution I've seen in Janelle Monáe, which I noticed with her latest single "Yoga".  I liked what I saw from her from the first few years, but I didn't follow it closely. It felt a little remote. I loved the uniform suit she wore, and the reason why she wore it, but it didn't totally draw me in.  Now that she's taken the suit off and gone in this new (to me) direction, I'm hooked.  My perception of her went from two dimensions to three dimensions.  I want to know everything. I want to go to Wondaland. 

STAY TREW, citizens of Wondaland. STAY TREW.