Inspiration: Vintage pompoms

Often my inspiration for a new design comes as a full picture that pops into my mind.  When I'm not thinking about it, not looking for it.  It pops in my mind, complete, and then I have to translate that mental image into the physical object. 

The past few weeks I've been making fresh batch one-of-a-kind jackets out of repurposed, upcycled & vintage materials. (I'm preparing for 4 pop-up events in December.)  I've been following my inspiration and started out with a couple of neutral colors and tone-on-tone effects, doing a lot of painting.  Then one day, I think I was walking somewhere, a totally off-the-wall image popped in to my head.  I almost ignored it, because it didn't resemble any of the materials I had, and it had a bold, simple color combination.

But these images, when they pop into my head, they don't leave until I create the physical object.  (That's how Featherweight started; two images rolled around in my head for almost a year until I finally gave in and figured out how to make them into T-shirts.)

So I put this colorful image on the backburner and went about my business.  Today I was in my studio, after finishing several jackets & shipping them off.  I was a little keyed up with energy and I needed to calm myself and clear my head, so I started straightening my studio.  As I was straightening, I remembered a vintage trim I bought awhile back.  One of those "I don't know what I'll use this for, but I need it" purchases.  

I rummaged around and found the tangled yardage of vintage royal blue pompom trim. I'd gotten it at a thrift store.  Then I remembered the vintage red wool jacket I hadn't customized yet.  And then THAT off-the-wall image came back into focus.  See, I told you. I had carried that image around in my head for about three weeks before I realized what it was showing me.  

So I'm about to customize a cherry red wool blazer with royal blue pompom trim. Hopefully it's awesome.