I'm having a lot of fun with styling my web shop photos! I grabbed a bunch of my stuff and played around with it.

Just added some new upcycled leather and suede pouches to the web shop. I started making these a couple years ago, and have a few that I use for myself all the time: a small version for art pens, a small version for makeup, and two large versions which I use as clutches for going out at night.  They've held up well over the years. I've also made a few as gifts, but this is the first time I'm selling them. 

Here's my first attempt at stop-motion animation, to show off how roomy & versatile the pouches are:

And of course I couldn't resist painting some of them.  Here's a time lapse of the jade green suede darling pouch:

Upcycling is dear to my heart. It means that I'm using existing, discarded leather and suede.  I find damaged or hideous vintage pieces, clip them up and make them into something current, useful and (I think) beautiful.