PRE-ORDER The Golden State tee

Last weekend my friend Katie who owns Solid Gold in Austin sent me this photo of three girlfriends looking fresh in the SOLID GOLD TEXAS tees I designed:

Yes, that's Maya Rudolph 

Yes, that's Maya Rudolph 

I've designed variations of this tee for Solid Gold, Atomic Garden Oakland and Wrong Marfa, and they've all sold really well.  I get comments from ladies saying it's their go-to shirt, and I get emails asking how people can buy one when they're sold out in other shops.

So when John Doe asked me to make a version for his song (our song) "The Golden State," I thought it was a great idea.  It's an ode to the great state of California, but also to feeling golden where ever you find yourself.

You can pre-order yours in the Featherweight shop.  Get ready for your favorite tee of the summer.