Hand-Painted Guitar Straps - Collab with Jaykco

I've teamed up with Jaykco to hand-paint some of their beautiful guitar straps that they make individually here in the USA.

I have two options available in the Featherweight shop: black fabric + black suede;  blue pinstripe + toast suede.

As with all my arrows, these represent focus, intention, how you direct the energy that flows through you.

You can also buy one of these straps at any of John Doe's live shows this summer.

It's been a real treat to see people share photos of the straps on their own guitars. Here's Harris' guitar on the left, Daniel's on the right:

It's a treat to work on such high quality, handmade straps, and to support another small business that believes in making goods in America.

If you'd like a hand-painted strap in a different color, contact me.