Rich in roses

When we moved in to our house late last summer, the entire backyard was overgrown and neglected.  My sweetheart is industrious and loves getting outside, fixing things and nurturing greenery.  He hacked away everything that was dead and dying in the yard, probably half the overall volume, and I waited over winter and wondered who might want to come back in the spring.

Well it's spring now, and we have an old-fashioned rose bush that's taller than me.  

So far, all the plants have come back with gusto.  They all seem delighted to have gotten some much-needed attention.  Sometimes I can feel fearful of getting rid of old stuff, but when I watch how these plants respond to being pruned, it inspires me.  Clip away whatever isn't growing, so there's more room to bloom.

Our old-fashioned rose bush is blooming like mad!  I can see her from my bedroom window, and every time I see the small pink blooms, my heart sings.  I feel rich in roses.  

The witchy part of me always wants to utilize the beautiful growing things in our yard.  We never use pesticides and only fertilize with the compost we make ourselves, and I always research what's safe to consume.  Lately I've been googling what I can do with these phenomenal roses.  

I've made two batches of rose water.  Here's a great video showing the method I used.

I'm drinking some rose petal tea as I type this.  Here's the simple method that inspired me.

I'm going to make some rose simple syrup this evening.  Here's the recipe I plan to use.

There are so many blooms, and just as many buds waiting to break open.  I feel like I want to capture what the roses are saying, and make room for more blooms.

Have you made anything from rose petals?  Any other recipes I should check out?