Support Small Biz: La Curie Artisan Perfume

I have a pretty strong sense of smell, which can be a blessing and a curse.  I love natural smells, sniffing flowers and herbs, incense and essential oils.  A great, natural scent can be life-enhancing.  Sometimes when I stick my face into a rose and inhale...I feel high, elated.  

On the flipside, most synthetic smells give me a headache.  I can't use laundry detergents with strong scents and I hate the smell of most perfumes.  When I'm unexpectedly bombarded with scents of hairspray, excess cologne or cigarette smoke, I can feel sick to my stomach or even angry! 

So I've learned to be careful when choosing any scents to wear on my body.  The more natural they are, the better.

La Curie is a small line of unisex perfumes that I love.  They're "luxurious bohemian scents handmade in Tucson AZ" by Lesli Wood.

How to describe the scents?  That's tough.  They're reminiscent of natural smells: campfire, the wind after a storm.  Familiar, but hard to place, and like nothing I've smelled before.  There's mystery in each scent, which I absolutely love.

Scents change on your skin, over time and according to your own unique chemistry.  I like to live with a scent before I decide to invest in it.

La Curie offers a wonderful option for people like me, who are slow to make up their minds and want to try everything:  


For a super affordable $20, you get sample sizes of her three eau de parfum scents (Ossuary, Faunus, Larrea) and her four perfume oils.

I've been living with my sampler pack for weeks, trying to decide by process of elimination which full size I'd like to purchase.  It's very hard to decide!

Another reason I love this sample pack is because they also double as travel size.

Go on, support a small business.  Indulge in a sampler pack, at just $20 it's an affordable luxury.