Custom-Painted Yap Wrap for The Gov

My dear friend Eve recently adopted an adorable 5-year-old rescue dog whom she named The Governor, or 'The Gov' for short. She needed some new items for him, including a couple of harnesses that would fit his small frame and keep him comfortable as he adapts to his new home and lifestyle.

As the proprietor of Backyard and Beach, Eve is a bit of an expert on caring for dogs.  She loves harnesses, or Yap Wraps, made by YAP USA which happens to be based here in the Bay Area. (Eve buys almost exclusively made-in-the-USA products for her pets, which is awesome. I told her she should write about it!)

After purchasing the Reversible Classic Wrap in Leopard/Black, she asked me to customize it with some hand painting.

I had so much fun on this project. It's a tiny garment, but the fabric is nice and it's really well-made.  Here's a time-lapse video of me painting it:

Here's a photo of the finished leopard print side.  I mixed a little black and metallic gold for the arrows:

And the best part, The Governor showing off his one-of-a-kind piece: