CREATIVITY & CONFIDENCE: Believe in Yourself & Make Magic


Have you ever had the desire to be creative, but stopped yourself from pursuing it? We give ourselves so many reasons why we can't pursue our creative impulses, saying we don't have enough money or time, doubting our abilities, or just letting our fear stop us.

Five years ago, I started my creative journey with no training or education and almost zero confidence.  During my journey I've accomplished things that have amazed me. I've painted two murals, had one of my T-shirt designs on a magazine cover, sold my designs in Urban Outfitters, designed clothing for some of my favorite musicians, collaborated with international brands, sold my creations in boutiques, galleries & museums across America, and more.  To come this far I've had to get past a lot of fear & self-doubt, and as a result I feel more peaceful, open-minded, confident and excited to pursue my creative inspirations. 

In this workshop I will:

  • facilitate an honest conversation about our fears, doubts & blocks
  • share ways I've learned to go beyond fear into creative action
  • explain why creativity & confidence are key to our individual and collective evolution & expansion 
  • help you feel fired up & inspired to move in the direction of your heart's desire

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